Welcome to One Love Festival 2015

The Uks NO1 Reggae and Dub Camping Festival

2016 announcement coming soon

The event we have nurtured promotes the peaceful message of the music championed by Bob Marley and was created in honour of his famous 1978 One Love concert. We have gained a loyal fan base and interest from all over the world.   Paying homage to our philosophy of One Love and to foundation Reggae Music. Playing Conscience Roots, Dub Music and enjoying all the sub genres of that.

One Love = a unity, a bond between the brother man and women. A common purpose regardless of religion / race or creed – “PEACE and LOVE” to all of mankind.
One Love Festival a melting pot, a multi-cultural multi-ethical, free trade and environmentally-friendly event, buzzing with creativity, fun, ideas and soul. One of the most diverse and unique festivals in the UK, the One Love Festival offers something for everyone and is an experience that should not be missed. Bringing together all the facilities and allures of a large-scale event but with the personal touch of a small, independent occasion, When you experience One Love it is something to be remembered forever.

One Love Festival News

A Very Special “All Star Women of Reggae Artist” Announcement

Being arguably a male-dominated genre, sometimes limited attention can be paid to the role of women and their huge contribution to Reggae and its worldwide development.

What is also often overlooked when talking about the genre, or when promotors are booking acts, is that an integral contribution to the sound of the music can be attributed to the female voice. Here today One Love Festival celebrates Women in Reggae by making this “All Star Women of Reggae” announcement

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